The Gallurese kitchen is very simple, and in some ways modern. It is based upon natural products of very high quality. An example of the great ancient cooking skills, passed down from generation to generation, is the Suppa Quota, a typical wedding meal.
Other examples are the roasted kid with myrtle, the lamb with green olives,
the ravioli with cheese, the Niuleddi (very light fritter), the Casciulati
and the Casciatine (cheese tarts)…


. …But that’s not all! Those who have a sweet tooth will appreciate the Acciuleddi ‘e Meli
(pastry plaits with honey ), the Ziminno gallurese (fish soup ), the Papassini
(biscuits with raisins and crushed almonds), the Canestre (a thick bread stick in an oval shape,
slightly sweetened, with an aniseed taste) which you can eat in the mornings with a nice glass of milk!
And there are still many other delicacies that can be tasted fully
only in the land where they were created.

As for wines, the Vermentino is the king of all. It has ligurian origins, but in Sardinia it acquired
a particular taste and aroma. Depending on the area, the Vermentino is perfect with fish or just
by itself. If filtered, it is absolutely fabulous with sweets

Another great wine, which unfortunately isn’t very easy to find, since only very few wine producers
makes it, is the Moscato from Tempio and from Luras.

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